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    Welcome to my website

    This is my all new set-up bringing you the latest news of artists I promote or work with in some capacity. It is also where you will find out what I am up to with regards to broadcasting either via radio or justcast video streaming plus any new gadets I try out. Lots of new things for 2015.

    If you have good bands or artists I should be listening out for then let me know via the contact page

    A little freedom regained

    I recently had a few nice wins on the horse racing and like I always do I left a little to play with but put the majority back into my bank account. I saw someone in the park recently, after struggling to walk down there, who had a mobility scooter. I really knew one of these would help me with my current health issues so shopped around on ebay and got the best deal I could find. It only took a couple of days and it was delivered. I had to wait a couple more days before the weather was really suitable for my maiden voyage.

    To say it is the best thing I have had in years is an understatement. I have visited an old friend who I hadn't seen for over 10 years. Sadly I discovered he had cancer which was one of the reasons we had lost touch. I spent a couple of days riding around town, found out a few of my old friends had passed away which did get to me a little. I had to look on the positive side in as much as I can now go places I used to go many years ago. I'm no longer a prisoner in my home for most of the week, only going out when friends pick me up or get a taxi which can be expensive. I did have anotehr attempt at flying the quad copter but that isn't as easy as I thought, need more work on that lol. Here's a video of my first scooter ride, it's a little long so I put some good music on as the sound track.

    Interveiw on New Channel

    Here is the first interveiw I have done since moving all the Interveiws to the new DJ Ceejay YouTube Channel. I had a chat with my Australian buddy Andrew Matters and we discussed his bands new album "Nothing Going On". Looking forward to doing more of these Interviews

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