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    Welcome to my website

    This is my all new set-up bringing you the latest news of artists I promote or work with in some capacity. It is also where you will find out what I am up to with regards to broadcasting either via radio or justcast video streaming plus any new gadets I try out. Lots of new things for 2015.

    If you have good bands or artists I should be listening out for then let me know via the contact page

    Interveiw on New Channel

    Here is the first interveiw I have done since moving all the Interveiws to the new DJ Ceejay YouTube Channel. I had a chat with my Australian buddy Andrew Matters and we discussed his bands new album "Wrong Way Home". Looking forward top doing more of these Interviews


    Local Team

    I am looking to start up a team of locals to make YouTube videos. My first project would be to use local Bike and Skate parks to video local youngsters showing off their riding and skating skills. The main objective of this project is to give young people a focus & bring out their creative side as well as learning about working as a team.

    At the moment this is just an idea and may take a long time to organise, given my health issues, but sooner or later we should achieve our goal.

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