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    Welcome to my website

    Quadcopter Experience

    After having these quadcopters for over a year on Friday July 29 a friend & I finally went to the park with two quads with the full intention of flying them. The wind was a little high but I didn't think it was that bad & the rain had stopped, although the freshly cut grass was still really wet.

    Anyway we got them set-up and they started flying, getting much higher than they should have which was worrying. It also seemed like the wind was pushing them towards the trees, even more of a panic set in then. To make matters worse it seemed neither of us could get full control of our respective quadcopters and after around 3/4 of an hour of trying we decided to call it quits, putting the blame firmly on the wind.

    It turns out that wasn't really the problem, it was that both remote controls used the same frequency &, despite claims on the packaging of the one quadcopter that this wouldn't be an issue, we were too close together and the controllers were 'confused' as to which drone they should be controlling. Still it is a lesson learnt & next time we will just have to take turns with flight time. One of the orange lamp shades came off the Syma but finding it would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack but these are cheap enough to get off ebay so ordered a pack of 8 which cost under £2.00. Looking for some new projects now that winter is slowly heading our way.

    Not Much Happening

    Things aren't going so great at the moment with regards to broadcastring. For some reason ConnectCast have deleted my channel for violation of terms of service. I mostly just streamed the couple of Interviews I did with REBELMANN & Cameron Malloy. I did stream a very old Kung Fu movie from the 1970's but can't see anyone complaining about copyright on that. Anyway the site has no customer service & they don't answer any emails or tickets. I really can't see it as a long term venture, not many on there and basically never has been,

    Another streaming site, Uvlog.tv has shut up shop. This is a pity because of the new streaming sites this one was really stable. Justcastlive.tv is still down & in all honesty I can't see it making a comeback anytime this year. Youlivenow is up and running but this has a tenancy for being unreliable. When it works it is really good but once they start messing with the code anything could, and probably will happen. All hopes are now resting with the up & coming blogtv revival blogtv.ca This is almost complete & they are at the moment alpha testing. Hopefully this will launch at the end of June or early July.

    I am also seriously thinking about getting back on Radio. My doo-wop & oldies page has almost 200 likes now & as I love that genre of music I may start doing a show based on my favourite rock 'n' roll / oldies music.

    On a positive note I have had a little luck on the horse racing which has bought another Quadcopter, a professional soldering iron, always needed one of these, & some much needed tools. Health has been stable just a slight chest infection the past week but have been out a few times on the mobility scooter while the weather is so nice.


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