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    Welcome to my website

    This is my all new set-up bringing you the latest news of artists I promote or work with in some capacity. It is also where you will find out what I am up to with regards to broadcasting either via radio or justcast video streaming plus any new gadets I try out. Lots of new things for 2015.

    If you have good bands or artists I should be listening out for then let me know via the contact page

    First New Video Show

    Sunday November 8 sees the start of a new video chat / music show. My first guests are rock band RebelMann from Chicago. We'll be chatting about their career to date as well as playing their original songs plus each member of the band will choose 3 of theirt favourite tracks by other artists. We used this format on the Radio Interview I did with them a couple of years ago and was amazed at the diversity of thier choices. So join us on Sunday November 8 2015 from 5pm UK time, 12pm Est, 11am CST.

    Updated UK Get Discovered

    After many months of neglect decided to revamp the UK Get Discovered website. I'm back using Joomla but updated to version 3.0 which is taking me some time to navigate round. I have enough at the moment to make it work, looks pretty good as far as I am concerned and getting lots of hits. If you get chance have a look.


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