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    Ebay Rip Off

    I recently ordered a Netboiok case from the Maplin ebay outlet. I paid the £9.99 straight away and had an email a couple of days later saying it had been despatched. Monday was a bank holiday so I knew it wouldn't arrive then so was extra excited Tuesaday and got up early to make sure I caught the post. No item arrived and later that day I had an email from Paypal to say I had received a full refund from Maplin giving the reason as cancelled.

    I thought they had made a mistake and refunded me accidently so contacted them on ebay only to be told that there was an error in stock levels and the item was no longer available. Despite this the listing remained on ebay and showed two items available. I figured there was nothing I could do about it anyweay so left it for a while.

    I decided to have a search on ebay for another Netbook case and guess what I found? The same Netbook Case had been re-listed by Maplin showing more than 10 available but with the added postage cost of £2.99. My thoughts, what a rip off! I have been a customer of Maplins for over 18 years now but sadly won't be giving them any more business if they think it's OK to rip people off this way. They may have been losing money by including free delivery but once they enter a contract they shoudl at least fulfil it. This type of activity gives ebay a bad reputation however I am sure the negative feedback may bring this to their attention.

    ***Update 29th August 2014. Had a phone call from Maplin customer services manager and after a short chat he apologised for the error and admitted the order should not have been cancelled. He offered to pay the cost of the new case I had oredered from another dealer and gave me a small cash bonus as a goodwill gesture. I can now say that I am happy with the result and knowing that they are now investigating the ebay outlet internally to ensure these errors no longer occur is a plus to me.

    On A Short Break

    As some of you may have noticed I haven't done any broadcasts anywhere for the past couple of weeks. Justcast, is having a few issues which means that I couldn't guarantee a stable broadcast and so I have made the decision to hold off until the site is fixed and more stable. Add to this I was given a free 128kb/s Icecast server so I spent some time setting that up. It is now running on the UK Get Discovered website.

    I'm also looking to redesigning the UK Get Discovered site but I'm not sure what format to go with. I am looking to a flash based website but as yet haven't found any software that may be helpful with this. I haven't got £300 - £500 to get a professionally designed website made so have to go it alone. As much as I want to keep it alive I may have to look at cancelling the hosting account and find some other way to promote indie artists and bands

    Griffin Tucker Interview

    On Saturday 28 June I interviewed Texan rock star Griffin Tucker. At just 12 years old he play an array of instuments as well as singing. At the end of the Interview his mom asked if I'd like to hear Griffin perform on his piano. I recorded that as well and the entire interview and piano demonstration was aired on the all new Music Mix show on my justcast channel on Sunday 13th July . Griffin has done a couple of performances in the UK this August and seems to have had a great experience.

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