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    Welcome to my website

    This is my all new set-up bringing you the latest news of artists I promote or work with in some capacity. It is also where you will find out what I am up to with regards to broadcasting either via radio or justcast video streaming plus any new gadets I try out. Lots of new things for 2015.

    If you have good bands or artists I should be listening out for then let me know via the contact page


    Local Team

    I am looking to start up a team of locals to make YouTube videos. My first project would be to use local Bike and Skate parks to video local youngsters showing off their riding and skating skills. The main objective of this project is to give young people a focus & bring out their creative side as well as learning about working as a team.

    At the moment this is just an idea and may take a long time to organise, given my health issues, but sooner or later we should achieve our goal.



    New Hobby

    I saw some YouTube videos recently of people flying various quadcopters. My interest was first drawn to the DJI Phantoms I had seen being used in professional videos. I found some very cheap ones which are ideal for beginners.

    After watching a review of the JJRC H5C quadcopter, and the fact it seemed idea to learn with, I went on ebay and ordered one. It didn't take long to arrive and I took it out on the back yard to practice. That was my first mistake. In a built up area and not being used to the controls it strated heading over the neighbours fence. Panic set in and I shut down all the motors. It crashed but there didn't seem to be any damage. I tried the motors whilst holding on to it and they still worked.

    A few hours later I decided to try an indoor flight but when I turned the quad on one of the motors wasn't working. It got really hot in seconds and so I contacted the seller with the view to returning it for a full refund. I did however see another video of how to change a motor, slightly diferent quad but same principle. I asked the seller for a partial refund to cover the cost of a new motor and he agreed.

    Got the new motor and replaced it, now works fine again. I'm not out of pocket so very happy. Whilst waiting for the new motor I went on ebay again and bought another good learning quadcopter, the Syma X5C-1 updated version. Haven't had chance toi give this a fly yet, tried and failed on the backyard again, crashed twice but the Syma is a tough quad, no damage despite it being very thin plastic.

    With this experience I'm just happy that I didn't spend hundreds of pounds on a professional one with gopro camera. Ok that is on the wishlist once I gain confidence and learn to master the controls. Lots of in flight videos coming along I hope.

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