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Open Broadcast Software

This is the software I now use to do the video Interviews via Skype. OBS is freeware open source more popular with gamers to broadcast on Twitch and the likes but I found it really useful for doing Video interviews which have a slight edge over radio.

Firstly fans of artists get to see their idols chatting and answering questions and from a time point of view they take between 15 and 20 minutes to make. I already tested the software with Andrew Matters from William Street Strikers in Australia and on Monday 31 March 2014 I will be interviewing up and coming star Austin Porter. Others I hope to Interview soon are Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran) and Chad Clemens who I predict will be making the top sooner or later.

Interview Take Two

On Tuesday 25th March 2014 I will be re-interviewing Andrew Matters of William Street Strikers fame. Although the first interview is up on YouTube we had a lot of problems with Wirecast crashing and when it was working the desktop presenter over the network wasn't all that great. Since building this quad core PC with a 1Gb video card I can now run Open Broadcast Software, an open source project which is simply awesome for this type of of thing. The sound quality is superior to using Desktop Presenter and the image from Skype is much clearer. As well as talking about William Street Strikers we will also be discussing the current Australian music scene.

Watch this space for the upload and many more interviews to follow. Who knows maybe I can get Ed Sheeran or The Vamps to do an interview, now that would be interesting!!

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